Shiva Statue

This Shiva statue was copied from a concrete Shiva statue situated on the Ganges. We did not have a full set of images of all viewpoints for the sculptors to use, so our graphic artist created a back view that the sculptors could copy. The Shiva was carved from a block of genuine solid white marble and took 2 months to complete. Several areas were ammended slightly so the design may be downsized from the 400cm original to a 135cm copy.



Concrete statue of Shiva on that we recreated in white marble.



Block of genuine white marble used to carve Shiva statue.



Early stages of carving or roughing out of marble.



Preliminary carving of face of Shiva into marble.



More details are sculpted into the stone.



Details are carved more finely and intricate carving added.



Shiva statue is mounted on orange marble Tiger Rug base.



Shiva sculpture is given fine hand polish.



Side view of Shiva statue.



Side View of Shiva statue.



Artist's impression of back view for sculpture reference pictures.



Back view of Shiva Statue - A masterpiece from all angles.



Marble Shiva statue on pallet ready to be packed and shipped.


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