Hercules Atlas Statue

This Hercules Atlas statue was copied from an original bronze sculpture at Portmeirion, Wales. Carved in white and grey marble and standing at 120cm high, this statue is a scaled down version of the bronze original and also has the map carved onto the globe.


Marble custom statue of Hercules Atlas with Bronze sculpture


Rough shaped marble block for Hercules statue


Block is shaped for Hercules sculpture


Hercules statue globe is shaped


Rough cut statue before details are added.


Hercules is starting to take shape


Hercule's body is carved and sculpture progresses.


Body is almost finished, face of statue is yet to be carved.


Lion is carved onto Hercules statue right arm


Hercules statue is almost complete


Face is carved onto Hercules sculpture


Front view of almost complete Hercules statue


Details of globe are carved onto Hercules Atlas statue


Finished marble Hercules Atlas statue ready to be shipped

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