Custom Dragon Statue

This statue depicts a dragon and cockerell. It is carved from a single block of original white marble and is mounted on a marble pedestal. It is the same as Dragon sculpture SKU 6006, but with the dimensions ammended slightly. It was made slightly thinnner so that it would fit desired location in customer's home.



Bespoke Dragon Sculpture

Dragon SKU 6006


Custom Dragon Sculpture early carving

Shaping of marble block


Dragon Statue, details carved in

Dragon and cockerell are carved into the marble


Bespoke Dragon Sculpture needs more sculpting

The statue still needs more sculpting work


Dragon statue, details are carved

The stone sculpture is more intricately carved


Back view of Bespoke Dragon statue

Back view of dragon statue


Bespoke Dragon Sculpture mounted on marble pedestal

The dragon statue is mounted on the marble pedestal


Hand polishing dragon statue

The hand polishing of stone is tedious work


Finished Bespoke Dragon Sculpture

Finished sculpture


Back view of custom Dragon statue

Back view of statue


Close view of Dragon and bird heads sculpture

Close up view of dragon and bird


Bespoke Dragon Statue - incredible workmanship

Incredible quality of workmanship


Wrapped Bespoke Dragon Sculpture placed on pallet

Statue is placed on pallet and wrapped


Bespoke Dragon Sculpture reinforced within crate

Statue is reinforced within crate and rubber for shock absorption.


Bespoke Dragon Sculpture packed within crate and ready to ship

Packed sculpture is ready to ship


Dragon sculpture installed 

Dragon Sculpture Installed


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