Custom Sculpture

Statue Commissions and Bespoke Sculpture. You choose the design, size and stone type of the custom sculpture or custom statue, our skilled carvers can sculpt it in genuine stone. This gives an infinite choice of custom sculpture and bespoke statues that can be carved. We can copy and reproduce statues, sculpture, mantles, logos and more. We can produce the statue with or without a clay model.

Wrestler statue drawing

Drawing Design

Wrestler statue clay model

Clay model

Wrestler statue

Marble statue

Wrestler statue

Unveiling statue

Our sculptors can reproduce sculpture from photos and original designs. We are experts at successfully carving new sculpture by using technical sculpting methods, always calculating measurements and angles from sculpture reference pictures. This attention to detail ensures that the statue is perfect, from all viewpoints.

Peter Pan Statue

Boxer Statue

Our graphic designer can produce sculpture drawings of your design. If you have a design for a sculpture we are able sketch the sculpture design from your description. This design can be fine tuned to give detailed sculpture reference pictures for the sculptors to work from.

Pony Statue

A stone statue can last for thousands of years so the choice of the design is important. Custom sculpture can be designed to fit and match the theme or style of its surroundings. Garden sculpture could be chosen to complement garden scenery and interior sculpture can be designed to suit any decor or furnishings.
Please Contact Us and let us know the size, design and stone type of the sculpture and we can provide a quote for the custom statue with the required time to sculpt and deliver it. If possible please attach any images of the statue to be copied or the sculpture design. For enquiries about modification to existing designs, please quote the SKU number of product.
For details of the available stone types for a custom stone sculpture please see About Stone.