Stone Types

Below images show some of the stone types, other type are also available. The main stone used for our sculpture is marble. There is a huge range of colours available in marble. Other stone types frequently used are sandstone, travertine, limestone and onyx, which all also have a range of colours.

Bamboo green marble

Bamboo green marble

Beige Marble

Beige Marble

Black Marble

Black marble

caobai white marble

Caobai White Marble

dark green marble

Dark Green Marble

purple marble

Douban Purple Marble

fangshan white marble

Fangshan White Marble

grey vein marble

Grey Vein Marble

henan green marble

Henan Green Marble

henan yellow marble

Henan Yellow Marble

henan yellow marble

Henan Yellow Marble 02

hunan white marble

Hunan White Marble

jixue red marble

Jixue Red Marble

masha white marble

Masha White Marble

mountain green marble

Mountain Green Marble

red sandstone

Red Sandstone

red yellow marble

Red Yellow Marble

shanxi beige marble

Shanxi Beige Marble

sunset red marble

Sunset Red Marble

sunset red marble

Sunset Red Marble 02

white beige sandstone

White Beige Sandstone

white sandstone

White Sandstone

white travertine

White Travertine

white vein marble

White Vein Marble

yellow sandstone

Yellow Sandstone

yellow sandstone

Yellow Sandstone 02

yellow travertine

Yellow Travertine 02