Sculpture Packing

We take great care to ensure that all stone sculpture is delivered in perfect condition. It is packed as securely as possible to withstand shipping and delivery. Each statue is packed within a custom built wooden crate that protects it during transit.


Packing of marble Cupid and Psyche statue.

This custom sculpture was encased in expanding foam within a custom built wooden box. This ensured that the statue arrived undamaged to the customer. The base of the pallet had attached rubber strips, that acted as shock absorbers and further eliminated any chance of damage to the sculpture throughout transit.

Marble Cupid statue is laid flat on a crate

The Marble Cupid Statue is layed flat on custom built pallet.

The sculpture is attached to base and wrapped in plastic sheeting.

Wooden crate is built around the marble Cupid statue

A strong wooden crate is built around the fragile marble Cupid statue.

Statue is packed in expanding foam

The crate is filled with polystyrene and expanding foam.

Marble statue is encased in foam

The statue is encased in foam eliminating any chance of damage.

Marble statue is sealed within crate and ready to ship

The crate is sealed and reinforced with steel bands, ready to ship.


Packing of pair of Marble Rhino Statues

Life size marble Rhino statues on pedestals

Pair of life-sized Rhino statues and pedestals are ready to be packed.

Marble rhino sculptures are placed on pallet

The marble rhinos are placed on a custom built pallet with rubber base.

Plastic sheeting is wrapped around Rhino statues

Layers of protective plastic sheeting is wrapped around rhinos.

Extra protection for the marble statues

The extra layers of plastic protect the marble statue within the crate.

Wooden crate is built around the Rhino sculptures

A bolted wooden crate is built around the stone rhinos.

Rhino statues packed within crate and ready to be shipped

The crate is reinforced with steel bands and is ready to ship.