Famous Sculpture

Examples of famous statues and sculpture throughout history.  These well known statues can be copied and recreated in genuine marble. Please see custom sculpture for statue commissions.

Angel of the North Statue

Angel of the North is a huge contempory steel sculpture of an Angel designed by Antony Gormley. The Angel was finished in 1998. Standing at 20m tall with a wing span of 54m across, this famous landmark is located in Gateshead, England.

Aphrodite Statue

Aphrodite of Milos or Venus de Milo is an ancient Greek statue dating back to approx 130BC. It depicts Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty. Carved in marble and standing at 203cm, this work of art can be seen in the Louvre, Paris, France.

Apollo Statue

Appollo Belvedere. This celebrated white marble statue is a 2nd century Roman copy of a Greek bronze original, depicting the Greek God Apollo. This famous sculpture stands at 224cm tall and can be seen in the Vatican Museums, Rome.

Apollo and Daphne statue

Apollo and Daphne is a Baroque, marble statue sculpted by Bernini in 1625. It depicts the climax of the story of Daphne and Phoebus in Ovid's metamorphoses. This famous work of art is 243cm high and is housed in the Galleria Borghese, Rome.

Augustus statue

Augustus of Prima Porta. A white marble sculpture depicting Augustus Caesar. This work of art, possibly a copy of a brass original was sculpted in the 1st century and stands at 2m tall. It is located in the Vatican Museums, Rome.

David Michelangelo statue

David - Michelangelo. This huge marble sculpture stands at more than 5 metres tall and is an example of Renaissance Sculpture. Sculpted in 1504 it depicts the Biblical King David after his victory with Goliath.Academy of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.

Discobulus statue

The Discobulus of Myron or discuss thrower is a famous Greek sculpture. This marble sculpture is a copy of the a lost Greek bronze original that was created around 400BC. It stands at 155cm tall and is located in the British Museum, London.

Hermes statue

Hermes and and the infant Dionysus. Marble statue depicting Hermes the messenger God of Greek Mythology with the infant. Sculpted by Praxiteles in 4th Century BC it is 2.15m high and is located in the Olympia  museum, Greece.

Laocoon statue

Laocoon and His sons also known as the Laocoon group, This large marble sculpture shows the Trojan priest Laocoon with his sons being strangled by sea serpents. It dates back to 40BC and is currently housed in the Vatican City Museums.

Lion Man statue

The Lion Man statue depicts a lion's head on a human body carved from mammoth tusk. It is about 3200 years old, making it one of the oldest known sculptures. It was discovered in a cave in Germany in 1939 and is located in the Museum of Ulm, Germany.

Moai Easter Island statue

Moai heads. These fascinating statues were sculpted from volcanic rock on Easter Island between 1200 and 1500AD. There were 887 carved with the largest at 10 metres tall. Half remain on Easter Island and many can be seen in museums around the world.

Moses Michelangelo statue

Moses - Michelangelo. This statue depicts Biblical figure Moses with horns on his head. It was carved in marble by Michelangelo in 1515 for the tomb of Pope Julius II. This incredible sculpture is 235cm high and is located in the San Pietro in Vincoli, Rome.

Nelsons Column statue

Nelsons Column. This 5.5m high sandstone statue of Admiral Nelson stands on top of Nelson's Column, a 46m high granite column. This statue was carved by Bailey in 1840 and is located at Trafalgar Square, London.

Nike statue

Nike or Winged Victory of Samathrace This famous marble sculpture dates back to 3rd century B.C. It depicts the Greek Goddess Nike ( Victory) Its stands at 328cm high and is located in the Louvre, Paris.

Pieta statue

The Pieta by Michelangelo depicts the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of Jesus after his crucifixion. It was carved in white marble in 1499. It stands at 195cm tall and is located in St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City, Rome.

Sphinx statue

Great Sphinx of Giza. This statue shows a reclining lion with a human head and is 20m tall. Carved from limestone, there is debate about the age of the Sphinx but historians believe it to be 5000 years old. It is located on the Giza Plateau, Egypt.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty. This huge neoclassical statue is situated on Liberty Island, New York and symbolises freedom and the United States. It stands at 46 metres high and was finished in 1886 when presented as a gift to America from France.

The Kiss statue

The Kiss. This famous marble statue was sculpted by French Sculptor Auguste Rodin in 1889. It stands at 180cm tall and depicts lovers in an embrace, although their lips are not touching. Located in Musee Rodin, Pairs, France.

The Thinker

The Thinker is a bronze and marble statue. Created around 1900 AD by Auguste Rodin, many copies have been produced since. It has come to represent thought and philosophy. The original statue is in the Musee Rodin, Paris.

The Three Graces statue

The Three Graces. This Neo-Classical sculpture depicts the 3 daughters of Zeus who represented beauty, charm and joy. Sculpted in c. 1814 by Antonio Canova, this incredible sculpture is located in The Hermitage Musum, St Petersburg, Russia.

Venus of Willendorf statue

Venus of Willendorf is an 11cm high statuette of a female form carved from limestone. It's age is estimated at 24,000 BC and was discovered in Austria in 1908. It is located in the Natural History Museum of Vienna.