About Us

About Us



Stonelove is a Limited Company of the United Kingdom, Registration number 5173638.


We supply the finest quality stone statues and sculpture, all hand carved from original marble and sandstone.


We specialise in custom sculpture and can accurately carve almost any sculpture or design into real stone. 


The Stonelove stone sculpture workshop is situated in Marble Mountains in central Vietnam, where the art of stone carving has been passed down through the generations. Many of stone statues carved there are for Buddhist temples situated in Vietnam and all around the world. Marble Mountain is also famous for its Buddhist monastries where monks study Shaolin Kung Fu alongside the teachings of Buddha. Many carvers working for Stonelove are ex Buddhist monks and take extreme pride and care in their workmanship and carving of stone sculpture. It is extremely important for them to produce a perfect sculpture and anything less than perfect will be considered as a failure by the carver. 


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